At the University of North Carolina, it starts with an opportunity. An invitation to outstanding student-athletes to earn an education at an elite public university. To train, compete and excel under the guidance of legendary coaches at the highest level of collegiate sports. To join a family.

The mission of The Rams Club and members like you is clear – to provide those opportunities to more than 850 student-athletes in 28 varsity sports as they relentlessly pursue excellence in competition and in the classroom. That pursuit of excellence comes at a significant cost.

In order to meet the financial challenges created by rising scholarship and operating costs, membership levels will increase beginning July 1 with the start of the 2022-23 membership year.

“Thank you to all the generous Rams Club members for all you do to provide us with the Tar Heel experience. Being at UNC and being part of the Carolina Family means everything to my teammates and me."

-Armando Bacot

Men’s Basketball

Membership Level Changes Brochure

Common Questions About Membership Level Changes

When was the last membership level increase?

The last membership level increase corresponded with Equity Seating during the spring of 2015. Prior to that, the last membership level increase was in 2004.

Why are my membership levels increasing?

In order to meet the financial challenges created by rising scholarship and operating costs. The cost of scholarships at Carolina has increased dramatically in the past several years – growing by 32% since the last membership levels adjustment in 2015 and 144% since the last adjustment before that change in 2004.

How did The Rams Club determine how much to increase each membership level?

The Rams Club evaluated the current financial projections in conjunction with the increase in scholarship costs since the last giving level increase in 2015. Both of those factors paired with the rate of inflation since 2015 led The Rams Club to determine the need for a 17% increase in membership level minimums.

What new benefits are available at each membership level?

At every level members can enjoy new benefits including on-campus Facility Tours during designated dates, Carolina Football open practice, Virtual Tar Heel Tour Event and an improved Heels Deals program. More benefits can be found for each level by clicking the buttons below.

How does the membership level increase impact my tickets and parking?

The Rams Club utilizes a Priority Point System to determine rank amongst donors – rewarding loyalty and level of support. The point system determines seat locations for Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, post-season tournaments and special events. Giving above the membership level minimum or upgrading your membership level can positively impact your ticket and parking locations.

Can I earn bonus points for increasing my membership level minimum prior to the 2022-23 membership year?

Members can take advantage of loyalty bonus points by giving at the new membership level or upgrading prior to 2022-23 membership year and in the 2022-23 membership year.

For example, a Big Ram contributing $1,200 currently receives 12 points for the gift. For 2022-23 when the Big Ram level moves to $1,400, they would receive 16 points (one point for every $100 plus two points as a loyalty reward on the $200 increase). Additionally, any member who gives at the new increased giving level early (during the 2021-22 membership year) will also receive the loyalty reward of double points on the difference in giving.

When is the next football Equity Seating Process?

The next Equity Seating Process for football will take place in Spring 2022 and conclude in June of 2022. The next ESP after that will take place in the Spring of 2025.