You can create your own Carolina Athletics legacy through estate planning – and ensure that your support of Tar Heel student-athletes continues beyond your own lifetime. Your gift can impact student-athletes for generations to come – and may also provide you with tax benefits today and in your estate while providing great benefits to you and your family.

Several types of planned gifts that can benefit you and Tar Heel student-athletes are highlighted below – and more options may be available depending on your interests and financial goals. If you or your financial advisor need more information, please click below or reach out to The Rams Club through Seth Reeves (919-843-6422, or Beth MacKethan (919-962-6628,

Carolina Forever Society

Carolina Forever is the society of supporters who have designated The Educational Foundation (aka, The Rams Club) as a beneficiary of an estate/planned gift. Through planned gifts, Rams Club members can make an impact on future generations of Carolina student-athletes while realizing benefits for themselves now and for heirs in the future.

Already Included the Rams Club in Your Estate?

Have you already included The Rams Club in your estate? Many supporters have generously made an estate designation in support of Tar Heel student-athletes, but have not notified The Rams Club of their intentions. You may be able to enjoy current and future tax benefit by making your designation known – as well as potentially being able to enjoy current benefits of membership. To let The Rams Club know of any estate gift designation or ask about tax and benefit opportunities, please click the link below to contact the staff, or reach out to The Rams Club through Seth Reeves (919-843-6422, or Beth MacKethan (919-962-6628,

“Sports offers life lessons like leadership, teamwork, discipline. We hope an estate gift will allow the young men and women who represent Carolina in the years to come to learn those life lessons from our incredible coaches, and to enjoy productive lives.”

– Ken & Cheryl Williams

Carolina Forever Members


An estate gift to The Rams Club allows you to have a lasting impact – ensuring that Carolina’s athletics programs continue to flourish and that opportunities for our student-athletes continue to be a priority. You can often do more than you thought possible by including The Rams Club in your long-term plans while achieving your own personal and financial goals. Estate gifts are simple to establish and allow you financial flexibility to adjust your plans depending on your needs.

Carolina Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a gift that provides you with income for life – and then provides support for Carolina Athletics after your life. This gift enables you to receive a fixed income stream and a charitable income tax deduction, while possibly mitigating capital gains tax on the amount of the gift.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A charitable remainder unitrust (“CRUT”) is a gift plan that allows you to provide payments to yourself or others for life or a term of years, while making a generous gift to non-profit organizations you care about – such as Carolina Athletics through The Rams Club. As a CRUT donor, you would irrevocably transfer assets to the trust. During the CRUT’s term, the trustee invests the CRUT’s assets. Each year, the trustee pays a fixed percentage of the CRUT’s value to one or more beneficiaries named by you. When the CRUT term ends, the remaining value passes to one or more non-profit organizations – such as The Ram Club – to be used for the purpose you designate.

Donor-Advised Fund

A grant from your donor-advised fund to The Rams Club helps secure the foundation of Carolina Athletics for Tar Heel student-athletes. It allows athletics programs to thrive, which keeps the unrivaled student-athlete experience a top priority.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a tool with many purposes – it shifts financial risk to a third party, leverages different kinds and levels of coverage and provides liquidity for paying end-of-life expenses. One of the most satisfying uses for life insurance policies are connected with charitable giving! If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, you can help Carolina Athletics meet its priorities by donating it to The Rams Club.

Retirement Accounts

If you are like most Americans, retirement plan accounts such as pension plans, IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s or other tax-deferred plans comprise a sizable portion of your estate. While it seems intuitive to leave retirement plan assets to your loved ones in your estate plans, these assets are subject to high taxes and numerous regulations that can significantly diminish the value of your accounts when they vest with loved ones. There are many benefits to naming The Rams Club as a beneficiary of your retirement account!

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Additional Resources at Carolina

The Rams Club works in close partnership with University Development to help support its planned giving program. Carolina Development’s gift planning website provides tools and information to assist you or your financial planner to find the right planned giving vehicle for your needs. The site includes updated information on gifting options, tax law, and news – while offering calculators to estimate tax burdens and capital gains in an effort to assist you in planning for your Carolina Forever legacy.

If you need additional information, please complete the information questionnaire below or reach out to The Rams Club through Seth Reeves (919-843-6422, or Beth MacKethan (919-962-6628,