Rising to Meet the Financial Challenges of Carolina Athletics

Due to rising scholarship and operating costs, membership levels will increase beginning July 1, with the start of the 2022-23 membership year.

Note: The letter below was mailed to members in Jan. 2022 with a publication detailing membership level changes that will affect Rams Club membership levels in the 2022-23 membership year, which begins on July 1. For more information on this membership changes, click here.

Dear Rams Club members,

The best student-athletes in the country find their way to Chapel Hill because of you. Your gifts as a Rams Club member allow our Tar Heels to join the Carolina Family and to enjoy the best student-athlete experience in the country! Our ability to offer that great experience is challenged – but we’re glad you’re on the team helping to meet those challenges.

The below publication highlights membership level increases that will occur in the 2022-23 membership year. The increases are a critical step in meeting the financial challenges facing Carolina Athletics. The decision to increase membership levels is one we do not take lightly, as we know it will have an impact on you and your Rams Club membership. Please take a moment to read through the publication.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our team! Your support makes the great Carolina student-athlete experience possible.

Go Heels!
John Montgomery
Executive Director