Sarah & Claude Snow: FORevHER a Tar Heel

October 5, 2019

Sarah and Claude Snow love the Tar Heels. And they love that, through their gifts, they can give a deserving young woman the chance to come to Carolina and compete.

“I take it to a deeper level for us and for me personally,” says Sarah. “I think about that high school girl or that junior high girl that wants to go to college, and maybe is growing up in an environment where her family cannot afford to send her to a place like Carolina. But she wants to go. If we don’t support scholarships for women’s athletics, we’re going lose more of those women.”

“We certainly think about the scholarships (when we give),” says Claude. “There’s also an opportunity, I think, to fund the extra things that sometimes make a difference between a good program and an outstanding program.”

Generous donors like Sarah and Claude make numerous opportunities available to women at Carolina. The impact is positively felt by each of the young women who benefit from their support. It’s felt by the University as well. Claude notes: “Carolina Athletics cannot be successful without a highly viable successful women’s athletic program, period.”