Riley Harrison: FORevHER a Tar Heel

October 5, 2019

Riley Harrison, a Carolina Women’s Lacrosse senior, has understood what the Carolina Family is all about ever since she was recruited by head coach Jenny Levy.

“What stood out for me was that sense of family that everyone talks about. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I attended practice and I saw all the girls…respected each other and loved each other so much. And that was so important to me – that no matter what role I was going to play on the team in my collegiate career that I was going to be loved and respected like a sister.”

Throughout her time in Chapel Hill that Carolina network has not only supported Harrison on the field, but also through mentoring and internship opportunities – and she has already followed suit, mentoring other Carolina student-athletes.

“I’ve had a ton of mentors through UNC Athletics, specifically female alums. As I get in touch with more of them, they’re so willing to help. There’s no shortage of help, assistance or advice.

In terms of people that I’m trying to mentor, I think I just want to leave this place better than I found it. Whether that’s taking teammates out to lunch, speaking up in SAAC meetings, or giving an athlete who is pursuing a career in finance advice about my internship experience, I think that any way that I can do that, I definitely want to take.”

During her internship on Wall Street this summer, Harrison reflected on how her experience as a student-athlete helped her succeed.

“My peers in this internship experience were always extremely qualified and extremely smart individuals who came from great schools, great backgrounds, and they were really hardworking people. I think what athletics gave me was, one, time management and, two, it just allowed me to handle a lot more emotionally than anyone else.”

Harrison is just one example of why a mentorship program is a main focus of FORevHER Tar Heels and how a powerful network of Carolina women can support and be a resource for future female leaders in their careers and communities.