Football Equity Seating Plan

To most fairly distribute season tickets at Kenan Stadium, The Rams Club utilizes its Equity Seating Plan – a system where members choose their own seats in the main bowl of the stadium once every three years based on their giving level and priority.

Why the Equity Seating Plan Exists

Rams Club members provide the valuable foundation of support that is critical to the success of Carolina Athletics. The Rams Club seeks to strengthen that foundation while recognizing the loyalty of Rams Club members at Carolina Football games through the Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan.

The plan utilizes well-known systems to members -- the Priority Point System, current giving levels, and existing priority ticket allowances. In addition, the plan offers members the ability to select their own seats online or in person.

The Equity Seating Plan follows three guiding principles to recognize the support of Rams Club members.

  • Exhibit Fairness – Donors should expect great effort on the field, and an equitable assignment of seats in the stadium. Seats are selected every three years, allowing members to move their seats to better locations as their rank improves. The next seat selection is scheduled for 2021.
  • Recognize the Impact of Donations – Escalating costs for scholarships, facilities, and operations present challenges for Carolina that require flexibility to fund. Rams Club members continue to step forward to help meet our challenges and deserve recognition.
  • Acknowledge the Impact of Loyal Support – Donors deserve to be rewarded for not just a single gift, but a lifetime of giving. The Rams Club seeks to have members seated based upon rank, determined not just by contributions, but by years of membership.

The Equity Seating Plan is based upon four primary features:

  • Members select their priority seats in membership rank order. All available season ticket locations in the main bowl of Kenan Stadium are open for personal selection by active Rams Club members with a season ticket purchase. Your membership rank (determined by the Priority Point System) and giving level will determine your selection order.
  • Members select their parking in membership rank order. All season ticket holders at the Big Ram level and higher can select parking at the same time they select their seats.
  • Your giving level determines how many tickets you can select on priority. Active members will be in Priority Group A (Rameses level and higher) or Priority Group B (Tar Heel and Ram levels). Selection appointments will be filled with Group A members first, followed by Group B members.
  • Selections occur every three years, with 2021 being the next selection season. The selections made in 2018 will be locked in through 2021 (the next scheduled selection process) assuming a member's giving level does not decrease in that timeframe. Rams Club members are encouraged to give thoughtful consideration to their membership level and rank for selections in 2021, as the selections made in 2021 will affect seating for the following three seasons.

Rams Club members have the ability to manage their account online. From, you can monitor your rank, make a gift, check pledges and balances, change your address, see what impact a future gift might have on your rank and more. Members can also verify their giving level to ensure accuracy going into the selection process.

The 2018 season welcomes substantial changes to Kenan Stadium. The old bench seating in Kenan Stadium is being replaced this offseason with individual chair-back seating throughout the stadium (except student sections). This change creates a better fan experience with more comfortable seating, but reduces capacity by 18%. Members should familiarize themselves with the impact on seating and be prepared to consider all seating options at their selection time.

For more information on the Equity Seating Plan, please contact The Rams Club at 919.843.2000919.843.2000 or