Membership & Giving


Supporters of Carolina Athletics have several ways in which they can support Tar Heel student-athletes – as an annual Rams Club member or through many special funds that provide critical direct support. While members enjoy many great benefits, the best benefit is knowing the incredible impact you are having on the lives of our student-athletes.

Annual Memberships


More than 14,000 Rams Club members support our student-athletes through the Annual Fund. Your annual donation as a Rams Club member is vital to covering the immediate funding needs of Carolina Athletics – particularly the cost of providing scholarships.

The Importance of Your Support

The Scholarship Endowment provides a great foundation for funding the scholarship program that benefits more than 500 student-athletes annually. Annual gifts bridge the growing "scholarship gap" between what the endowment yields and the actual cost of scholarships. Your annual contributions also help improve athletic facilities, provide facility debt relief, and cover several operations initiatives vital to Carolina Athletics.

A broad-based annual membership program is imperative to the future of Carolina Athletics. Whether you give $100 or $25,000 annually, you are meeting the critical need of providing scholarships and other important student-athlete support. As a Rams Club member, you can enjoy the pride of investing in our student-athletes and their success.

Donors through the Annual Fund are considered active Rams Club members.

The Scholarship Endowment


Over 800 student-athletes demonstrate a high level of commitment to achieve success across 28 teams at Carolina. A dedicated commitment from the Carolina faithful is also required to bring the best student-athletes in the country to Chapel Hill. Donors to the Scholarship Trust provide critical, long-term support for Carolina's athletic scholarship program. Scholarship donors provide an income stream in perpetuity that will continue to support Carolina student-athletes for years to come.

During the 50th anniversary year of the Scholarship Endowment, Carolina celebrates five decades of generous and sustained support. Carolina also looks forward to securing the next 50 years with a goal to raise new scholarship funding and to fully endow the student-athlete scholarship program, all as part of the Campaign for Carolina Athletics.

Other Ways To Give


In addition to being an active member by participating in the Annual Fund or with a Scholarship Endowment, you can also give directly to facilities projects and team support.

Additionally, members can make an impact beyond their lifetime with an estate/planned gift. By including Carolina Athletics in your estate planning, you can ensure the future success of Carolina student-athletes while enjoying benefits now or benefits for your heirs.

Membership Benefits


Rams Club giving levels start at just $100, and benefits of membership increase as your giving increases. Several benefits are in place for every active member, including ticket priority for all season and individual game tickets in football and men's basketball, Born & Bred magazine, car decals, access to Tar Heel Experiences, and more.

As your giving levels increase, you have the eligibility to reserve more tickets on priority, receive parking with the purchase of football season tickets, and have opportunities to purchase basketball tickets. Events with access to coaches and others in Carolina Athletics occur at other membership levels. For more information on benefits by giving level, see the chart.

Additionally, Rams Club members can enjoy discounts from businesses officially affiliated with The Rams Club. For a list of the "Heels Deals" offered to all members, please click the button below.

Membership Referrals


The goal is ambitious – to grow membership to 22,000 members by 2022. All members can be involved in this growth effort by participating in Point After Referrals. Current members can earn point credit for recruiting new members at any giving level.

Rams Club memberships start at $100 annually ($25 for UNC students and $50 for recent UNC graduates). Members receive benefits such as ticket priority, invitations to special events, Born & Bred magazine, and more. The best benefit, though, is knowing the impact you have on the lives of Carolina student-athletes.

Valuable membership points are awarded as newly recruited members join. The new member must communicate the referring member's name to The Rams Club upon joining. Any active Rams Club member can participate in Point After Referrals, though only one active member can be awarded point credit for a new member.

That brother-in-law to whom you give your tickets?


Those co-workers who break down each and every game at work the next day?


That child who is a student at UNC?


Your neighbors with the UNC flag hanging off their front porch?


Membership point credit is distributed as follows:
  • 5 points for every new member at the Tar Heel, Ram, or Rameses levels
  • 10 points for every new member at the Big Ram, Big Ram Plus, or Super Ram levels
  • 15 points for every member at the Coaches Circle, All-American, or Champion levels
Help further support Carolina student-athletes today by recruiting new members to The Rams Club!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Rams Club?

The Rams Club is the group of supporters who believe in providing educational and athletic opportunities for Carolina's outstanding student-athletes. Through endowed, annual and capital giving, Rams Club members provide support for student-athlete scholarships, outstanding facilities and team support. Members also enjoy great benefits, including ticket priority, special events and more.

Why should I join?

WE NEED YOU! You can help meet the most pressing need for Carolina Athletics – to continue the scholarship program for our student-athletes. Scholarship costs have doubled in the last 10 years alone, providing a serious challenge to our abilty to support scholarship student-athletes in all of our 28 varsity sports.

Who can join The Rams Club?

Anyone can become a member of The Rams Club!

I've always heard it's "too expensive" to be a Rams Club member. How can I make a difference?

You can become a Rams Club member for just $100 annually (even less for current UNC students and recent grads – see below). The Rams Club prides itself on a broad base of support – and seeks to increase that base by growing from our current membership of 14,000 to 22,000 by 2022.

What if I'm still in school or just graduated?

The Student Ram program allows current UNC student to join The Rams Club for only $25 per year. Student Rams Club members receive all the benefits and points that a Tar Heel ($100) member receives. This is a great way to start building up Priority Points so that you have a well-established membership upon graduation.

The Recent Grad program allows recent Carolina graduates (within 5 years of graduation) to join The Rams Club at any level for half of the annual contribution requirement. For example, a Recent Grad member could join at the Big Ram ($1200) level for a contribution of only $600.

When is my annual fund gift due each year?

The membership year runs on a January 1 to December 31 calendar. You may make your gift at any point during the year and still receive full benefits throughout the year (new members must make an initial gift of $100 or set up scheduled payments to activate), but all memberships must be met by December 31 to remain active.

Is my donation tax deductible?

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 contains changes to Internal Revenue Code section 170(l) which impact gifts that benefit an institution of higher education that directly or indirectly provide rights to purchase seating at home athletic venues. While clear and precise rulings and interpretations of the full impact of the new legislation are not yet available, our tax advisors have advised us that the following appear certain:

  • A gift to The Rams Club that grants you the rights to purchase seats at home athletic contests is most likely no longer considered tax-deductible.
  • Donors who waive their right to purchase tickets based on their gift and the points associated with their gift may be able to deduct their contribution.
  • The revised tax legislation addresses only tickets at home athletic venues. It does not address parking for home games nor rights to purchase seating for away or postseason games.

The above changes in the tax code likely will impact the deductibility of gifts to The Rams Club for membership dues, seat licenses in Kenan Stadium and the Smith Center, as well as some scholarship gifts.

Please note that The Rams Club is not a tax advisor. We encourage you to consult with your own tax advisors to determine how this legislation may impact the deductibility of your gifts in support of Carolina student-athletes.

While the changes in tax law may change the deductibility of your gifts, they do not change the importance of your gifts to Carolina student-athletes. You have an incredible impact on the lives of our Tar Heels and on our ability to recruit, train, and develop the best student-athletes in the country. Thank you for all that you do!

How can I make a gift to the Annual Fund?

Gifts can be made online, over the phone or by mail. Each active member has a personalized account online that can be accessed to make secure gifts, check account status, update contact information, make a new pledge or access their GoHeels ticket account. New members may also join online.

How do I get football or basketball tickets?

Rams Club members receive priority over the general public in season and single game ticket assignments, as well as post-season opportunities. Priority is based on the Priority Point System (where you earn points for gifts and years of membership). All members are sent season ticket applications for football annually; football seating assignments are done with the member choosing his or her seats every three years (next selection in 2021). Basketball season tickets are available to Champion, All-American and Coaches Circle level members as well as endowed scholarship donors; individual game tickets are made available to Rams Club members for priority request each fall.