Carolina Rowing Christens Second Racing Shell "Numquam Cede I"

By: Lee Pace


Thanks to the support of Rams Club m mbers, Allen Hammonds and Cassandra Weatherford, North Carolina women's rowing christened a second Vespoli racing shell this spring, Numquam Cede I, to its fleet Friday afternoon at Jordan Lake in Apex, N.C.

"Our program is fortunate to have new, high end racing boats," interim co-head coach Thomas Revelle said. "Having this expensive equipment would not be possible without the generous support of alumni, parents and fans. Two of those individuals are Allen and Cassandra, and in recognition of their support they have been given the opportunity to name our newest 8+. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Allen and Cassandra over the past couple years, and the process of finalizing the name for this new boat was a lot of fun. I have learned from them and can't adequately voice how much I appreciate their contributions to our program. They are true Tar Heels who care deeply about the experience of our student-athletes and are especially passionate about providing opportunities for female student-athletes."

Carolina's newest 8+ dons the name Numquam Cede I which translates to "Never Give Up". Additionally, the names of UNC Rowing's class of 2020 are listed on the stern deck of the boat to honor their contributions to the Tar Heel program after their senior season was cut short.

"Cassandra and I feel very strongly that one person can make a difference," Hammonds said. "You're going to make a difference in your boat and we hope we can make a difference in supporting you. Tom Watson embraced his environment to win the British Open several times. To me, that's what sets you apart. You're embracing your environment and doing things that others can't or won't do. That's going to help you be successful. When you look at this boat's name, it has to have a nickname. Never give up because you never know what can happen in the last 500 meters. It's the people that are in the boat that make a difference.

"I want to thank your coaches, Thomas and Emilie, for their commitment, dedication and support of the rowing program to make it stronger and better through both calm and stormy waters," Hammonds continued. "It has been wonderful to work with such positive and optimistic people throughout this process."

As part of their support, Hammonds and Weatherford have issued a challenge gift, where they will match any donations up to $50,000 that are received before June 30, 2021. Fans can donate to the Rowing Friends account or the Rowing Operating Endowment.