On April 20, 2011, I retired from doing the radio play-by-play at Carolina. In my comments that day, I mentioned the unique relationship I had with the Tar Heel fans.

Those fans and our memories together were such a big part of my 40 years on the air with Carolina. They also have played a major role in my enjoyment of Carolina sports today.

“Go where you go and do what you do”, doesn’t have any kind of unique origin. Like most of the things people remember me saying, it developed off the cuff, but the inspiration for it came from Tar Heel fans.

My wife, Jean, used to clean the house during road games when things weren’t going too well for the Heels. I heard from people who would drive around their community, sit in a certain chair, wear something particular, move their radios to a specific place in their homes...all sorts of things they knew would either help Carolina stay ahead or spark the comeback.

I guess you could say, it became a rallying cry in our relationship through the years. One that had some pretty good success, too, if you know what I mean.

Now of course, it means something totally different as our family looks to raise more awareness of Aphasia and other neurological disorders. We teamed up with Chapel Hill Sportswear last August to release the t-shirt that sparked our campaign. Kathy Sapp and Holly Dedmond have been such generous partners in this endeavor.

Our son, Wes, thought we could spark a social media movement with the shirt. Taylor, our other son, thought #HeyWoody would be a great tag, as a nod to the many Carolina fans who often greeted me at games or around the state.

The response from Carolina fans and others in the ACC has been great, and we are humbled that people are willing to support the UNC Medical Foundation in this way. Along with other grass root organizations, they are making a difference with programs and therapies.

For me, I continue to do my therapy for my Aphasia and while daily challenges are slowing me down, we still enjoy going to games in Chapel Hill and supporting UNC. Jean and I have also enjoyed going to basketball games at Elon, where Taylor is on the air doing play-by-play.

Don’t ever quit “going where you go and doing what you do.” Who knows, it may be the answer to lots of things.

This story appeared in the FEBRUARY 2018 edition of Born & Bred