Rams Club members can “group” their season ticket and parking selection times with other Rams Club members. When a group is formed, the grouped members will be given simultaneous appointment times so that they can choose adjoining seats and/or parking and share gameday together.

If forming a group for selections, please note that your appointment time will be based upon the member with the lowest rank in your group. For example, a group of members with rankings of #1200, #2600 and #4400 will choose at the slot corresponding with rank #4400.

Important Next Steps:

  • Every member of the desired group must complete this form to have their appointment times coordinated.
  • Completed forms should be received by May 2. The Rams Club will work with members who may decide to group after this deadline, but cannot guarantee that requests can be accommodated.
  • The target date to share appointment times is May 4. Selections will begin on May 18 and run through the end of June.

Please call The Rams Club at 919-843-2000 with any questions. Go Heels!

Grouped Seating Form

Membership Information

Please share your Rams Club membership information.

Group Information

Please list the other members with whom you wish to "group" your selection time. Please provide their membership IDs if known. Please remember that each of these members must also complete this form and include the same members in his or her list.
Please indicate above if you are grouping for seating and/or parking selections. Reminder: appointment times will be based upon the priority of the member with the fewest membership points.

Additional Comments

Please provide any additional comments above that will help the staff better assist you during the selection process. If you need to be contacted by the staff in advance of the selections, please include your contact information.

Form Completion Information

Name of the individual completing this form (complete only if different than the name on the membership account).