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It’s time for 2022 Equity Seating! The first selection time for Equity Seating is on Wednesday, May 18, and will run through June 24. Use the links below for quick access to important parts of the Equity Seating process.

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Gameday in Chapel Hill. You Can Feel It, See It, Taste It. Gameday means Carolina is coming together to cheer on our guys in beautiful Kenan Stadium. In 2022, you once again have the opportunity to personally select your season ticket locations (and parking when applicable) based on your generosity and longevity as a Rams Club member. The Equity Seating process at its core is straightforward – you get to pick your seats and parking based on your membership rank in The Rams Club.

Guiding Principles of Equity Seating

The Equity Seating process was first implemented in 2011 to give Rams Club members the ability to choose their own season seat and parking locations most fairly for Carolina Football. The process stands upon three guiding principles:

  1. Fairness … Each Rams Club member has the same opportunity to select seats and parking based on the same set of guidelines.
  2. Recognition of Loyalty & Giving … Your support is a primary factor in getting you the best available seats and parking for gameday. The Priority Point System determines membership rank among all Rams Club members based on years of membership and giving. That system determines your selection position.
  3. The Choice Is Yours … You get to pick your seats at your appointment time – and find just the right location for you.

Primary Features of the Equity Seating Process

  1. Seat and parking selection times are based on your membership rank. Seat and parking selection appointment times will be based upon a member’s rank as determined by the Priority Point System as of April 15.
  2. The number of seats and parking you can select on priority are determined by your membership level. A member may buy as many tickets as he or she chooses, but the number of tickets available for priority selection is determined by membership giving level. Priority Group A (with ticket maximums listed) will be sorted by rank, then Priority Group B. The table below outlines the number of seats available on priority to each level.
  3. Selections will lock in your location for the next three seasons. The next Equity Seating process will occur in 2025. This 2022 selection process will lock in your seat and parking locations for the 2022, 2023, and 2024 Carolina Football seasons as long as your membership level does not decrease between 2022 and 2025.

Equity Seating Ticket Options

Membership LevelAnnual GiftTickets on Priority
Priority Group A
Endowed Scholarshipup to 20 tickets
Legend$50,000up to 20 tickets
Champion$28,000up to 20 tickets
All-American$14,000up to 19 tickets
Coaches Circle$7,000up to 15 tickets
Super Ram$4,000up to 11 tickets
Battering Ram$3,500up to 11 tickets
Strutting Ram$2,200up to 7 tickets
Big Ram$1,400up to 5 tickets
Rameses$700up to 3 tickets
Priority Group B
Ram$225up to 5 tickets
Tar Heel$100up to 3 tickets
Any tickets ordered beyond priority limits are considered “Surplus” tickets, and will be assigned after all priority selections are made.

Other Rules to Note

  • Premium seats (Pope Box, Koury Boxes, the Mezzanine and the Blue Zone) are not reassigned as part of the Equity Seating process. However, parking selection is part of the Equity Seating process.
  • Premium seats do not count toward priority limits on season tickets.
  • A Rams Club member must be active at the Big Ram membership level or higher and have a Carolina Football season ticket purchase to qualify for parking selection. Members at the qualified giving levels may purchase one parking pass with their season ticket order. A second parking pass can be purchased if the priority season ticket order is for 6 tickets or more; a third pass for orders of 10 or more, etc.
  • Parking purchases will take place during the selection process, and will not be part of the season ticket order in advance of selection. Balances due for parking selections will be collected at the conclusion of your parking selection.
  • If two or more members want to select seats together, all parties involved must inform The Rams Club by April 15. The selection priority for all members involved in a group will be based upon the lowest priority rank of the members involved.

“Carolina is special. Everywhere I look, I see excellence. The student-athletes, the coaches, everyone at this University … they’re working to get better every day. And they’re doing it at such a high level. I love being challenged by the best, and I get that at Carolina.”

-Josh Downs


What's New in 2022?

  • The Rams Club membership year now runs from July 1 to June 30. Members should confirm their 2022-23 membership level by April 15, but have until June 30, 2023, to complete their gift commitment.
  • Membership levels have increased with the 2022-23 membership year. Please consider the new gift required when confirming your membership level for 2022-23.
  • Tickets will be secured with a deposit with the full purchase balance due after selections. Zone pricing for seating means that the full amount due for season tickets will not be known until your selections are made.
  • Parking passes are now available for purchase. Parking purchases will take place during the selection process. Balances due for parking selections will be collected at the conclusion of your parking selection.
  • You may have two selection appointments (one each for tickets and parking) if you have two point totals. Tax laws changed in late 2017 (just before the last equity seating process), leading to the establishment of two priority point totals for each member dependent upon the deductibility of the member’s gifts. If you have two point totals, you may have two appointment times. Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are The Rams Club and Carolina Athletics reseating Kenan Stadium again?

The Equity Seating process occurs every three years to most fairly allocate seats and parking for Carolina Football while recognizing loyalty and giving. By utilizing the well-established Priority Point System – which rewards Rams Club members for years of membership and lifetime giving – The Rams Club can equitably allocate seating and parking. Additionally, the financial challenges facing Carolina Athletics are significant. This process rewards donors who step up to help meet those challenges with new and creative giving.

Will I be able to retain my old seat location?

To most fairly allocate seating assignments, no members are guaranteed that they will be able to retain their old seat location.

How do I know where I will sit in 2022?

Members will choose their own seats as part of the selection process in May/June. The Rams Club cannot predict the rank level needed for a given seat location, as member preferences will play a huge role in determining which seats are chosen first.

How will I choose my seats and parking for the 2022 season?

Online selection of seats for the 2022 season will be available at kenanseats.com. This site will launch in late April/early May. Additionally, members who choose to not select online will have an opportunity to visit campus to choose their seats, submit a proxy request in writing so that a staff member can choose their seats, or call the selection center at their appointed time. Information on these options will be forthcoming to all members with a season ticket order.

When will I know my appointment time?

Members with a season ticket purchase will be notified of their appointment time in early May. The first appointment will be in mid-May, and selections will run through most of June.

What happens if I want my season tickets aligned with a group of friends?

Members can “group” their season tickets with other friends who are Rams Club members. If you want to choose your seats at the same time as your friends to guarantee that you will sit next to one another, your appointment times will be based upon the member with the lowest rank in your group. For example, a group of members with rankings of #542, #1095 and #1568 will choose at the slot for #1568. To group seats with your friends, please click here to complete the Grouped Seating Form.

How often will I have to move my seats?

With the 2022 selection, you are locking in your seat and parking locations for the next three seasons as long as your membership level does not decrease in that time frame. The next selection process is scheduled before the 2025 season.

What do I do if I want to order more tickets than my giving level allows?

Members may order as many season tickets as they want, but will only be allowed to choose on priority the number of tickets their giving level allows (the corresponding list is included in this publication). Any tickets ordered beyond your priority limit will be assigned by Athletic Ticket Office staff after Priority Groups A and B have made selections.

Sample Member Scenarios

  1. Don is a Big Ram member ranked #440. He currently has 4 seats in the main bowl and a parking pass (because of his Big Ram level). His Lifetime Points and Home Points are the same. Don will receive an appointment slot that allows him to choose both items at the same time based on his rank.
  2. Don from Example 1 estimates that he will not get the seats he desires but thinks he could get the seats he wants if he had 30 more points (thus possibly improving his rank). Don can make a gift of $3,000 by the priority point deadline of April 15 to get those 30 points. His gift does not guarantee his rank or seats but will likely improve his standing.
  3. Anne has 4 seats in the main bowl and a parking pass. She has different totals for Lifetime Points (320 points) and Home Points (288 points) because she declined points on some of her gifts to maintain tax deductibility. Anne will receive an appointment time to select her parking based on her 320 Lifetime Points – and will receive a separate time to select her seats based on her 288 Home Points.
  4. Steve is a Rameses member who has bought 2 seats in the past but wants 4 seats in 2022. Steve will need to increase his membership level to Big Ram by the priority deadline of April 15 to choose 4 seats together. If he does not and remains a Rameses level member, he will have the chance to choose up to 3 of his seats on priority in Priority Group A, and have any remaining seats assigned in the “Surplus” tickets group (resulting in two separate locations).
  5. Frank is a new donor who wants 2 seats in Kenan Stadium and joins at the Rameses level. He will be able to choose seats in line with other members with 9 points (6 points for his $600 gift and 3 points for a year of membership) in Priority Group A.
  6. Melanie is a Coaches Circle member who currently has 8 seats in the Pope Box and 10 seats in the main bowl. Melanie can have up to 15 tickets on priority in the main bowl as a Coaches Circle member. Will Melanie have to give up any of her 18 seats? No. Melanie’s seats in the Pope Box are considered premium seats and do not apply to the limit to purchase up to 15 seats on priority. She will choose the location of the 10 seats in the main bowl based upon membership rank within Priority Group A.
  7. Alan has 4 seats in the Pope Box. Will his seats within the Pope Box be reassigned within the Pope Box? No. The Pope Box seats are premium seats and are not subject to re-selection. Alan will need to select parking if he does not have a space guaranteed by an existing contract.
  8. Sharon is ranked #2902. Her friends with whom she currently has neighboring seats are ranked #2210 and #3814. They want to choose their seats together and have notified The Rams Club of this intention. Each member in the group must be in the same Priority Group and will choose based on the lowest-ranked member – in this case #3814. Their appointment times will be simultaneous.
  9. Jim has been attending games at Kenan Stadium with his parents for many years. He wants to maintain seats in the same area as his parents. Can he inherit his parents’ priority? Rams Club policy does not allow points and ticket rights in Kenan Stadium to be passed down. To maintain similar priority as his parents, Jim will need to make gifts to build his points to a level consistent with his parents’ rank.