Occasionally a Rams Club member is unable to make his or her appointment slot to select seats and parking — or may choose to have another person or the selection center staff make selections on his or her behalf. Please complete this form only if you are unable to select your seats online, in person at Kenan Stadium or on the phone.

The staff will do their best to honor the preferences indicated here but can make no guarantees as to seat location or parking lot assignment. If the preferences indicated here do not provide sufficient information or your requested locations are unavailable, the staff will seek to assign seats and parking as close as possible to your previous year’s assignments.

Important Next Steps:

  • Complete this form at least two days in advance of your appointment time to ensure the staff has the necessary information to assist you or your proxy.
  • Complete this form if your situation fits one of two scenarios: 1) You want the staff to make your selections for you at your appointed time; or (2) Another person will make your selections for you and may need to call in to the selection center on your behalf. (Note: You do not need to complete this form if you plan to share your login information with your designated selector – only if that person may need to call in or will select on your behalf in person).

Please call The Rams Club at 919-843-2000 with any questions. Go Heels!

Designated Selector Form

Membership Information

Please share your Rams Club membership information.

Designated Selector Information

Additional Comments

Please provide any additional comments above that will help the staff better assist you during the selection process. If you need to be contacted by the staff in advance of the selections, please include your contact information.

Form Completion Information

Name of the individual completing this form (complete only if different than the name on the membership account).