The Carolina Victory Fund

Carolina prides itself on offering the nation’s best student-athlete experience to more than 800 Tar Heels. From the opportunity to earn a world-class education to the chance to win championships, our student-athletes bring a commitment to excellence in the classroom and in competition.

Their opportunities come at a cost – a cost that will be hard to meet this year without your help. The Carolina Victory Fund, a vital new fund for unrestricted giving, has been established to help address the daunting financial challenges we face today. To meet the needs of the best student-athletes in the country and preserve all that we love about Carolina Athletics, we are asking for your investment now.


"Carolina Athletics has long believed in offering as many opportunities as possible – to play, to win, to graduate – and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of our Rams Club members. To continue that tradition, we need even more support. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been catastrophic to our budget, and we are asking you, our top benefactors, to ensure continued opportunities across our broad-based program by contributing to the Carolina Victory Fund. This is a challenging time, and we hope you can help us meet this challenge. Together, we will continue to win."

Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics

The Challenge We Face

Carolina Athletics expects to lose nearly $30 million in projected revenue this year due to the pandemic through lost ticket sales, reduced television revenue, and other setbacks. The financial challenges have already resulted in several cost-savings measures that adversely impact our sports programs:

  • A 10% reduction in all sports operating budgets
  • Reductions in recruiting and travel budgets
  • Furloughs and salary reductions for coaches and staff of 10%-20%
  • Staff reductions in coaching and support areas

The Impact You Can Have

A gift to the Carolina Victory Fund allows Carolina to address the most immediate needs of the program. Your gift will provide immediate help to Carolina’s 28 varsity sports programs by providing resources for:

  • Preserving scholarship opportunities at current levels
  • Immediate relief to sports operating budgets
  • Student-athlete services such as academic, medical, and nutritional support

Your gifts will have an enormous impact on Carolina’s ability to preserve the exceptional level of academic and athletic excellence we all have grown to appreciate.

"I wouldn’t be here without Rams Club members. They’re the fuel behind everything. They make the machine work. They provide me with everything I need in terms of academics, our facilities, everything. My experience wouldn’t be what it is without the help of Rams Club members and everything they do for us. I’m very grateful."

Patrice Rene, Football

Fight! Fight! Fight! for the Blue & White

As we sing in the fight song for which the Carolina Victory Fund is named, we hope you will join in as we fight, fight, fight for the Blue and White … and roll on to victory!

Carolina needs your help! Tar Heel fans are a loyal and generous group – especially those who give through The Rams Club. As we come together to meet the needs of our student-athletes and coaches in this challenging time, we ask you to consider giving in two important ways:

  • 1. For current members … Complete your 2020 annual membership.

    As a loyal and vital member of The Rams Club, we ask that you complete your 2020 annual membership gift by June 30, 2021. Login to your account to complete your membership.

  • 2. For current members & new supporters … Make a new gift to the Carolina Victory Fund.

    Your investment in the Carolina Victory Fund will give Carolina the tools to preserve the exceptional level of academic and athletic excellence we all have grown to appreciate.


You can also contact us at or 919-843-2000 to speak to a staff member.

"Ever since I picked up a lacrosse stick, I wanted to be a champion. I am a natural competitor and want to be the best version of myself, and Carolina has given me endless tools to find my identity. Being a part of the Carolina community has provided me so many opportunities to be successful, and I am so grateful for the chance to be a Tar Heel."

Katie Hoeg, Women's Lacrosse

You Can Earn Valuable Priority Points for Participating

Unrestricted support is incredibly important in this challenging financial landscape. Due to the critical need, priority point awards have been elevated between now and June 30, 2021. Points for gifts between now and June 30 will be awarded as follows:

  • Completing your 2020 Annual Membership

    It is critical that you complete your 2020 annual membership first.

    • 2 points per $100 of giving
    • 10 points as a one-time bonus for completing your membership at the same or a higher level as 2019
    • Note: Already completed 2020 annual membership gifts will be retroactively awarded the increased points.

New Gifts to the Carolina Victory Fund

Members who complete their 2020 annual membership and make an additional cash gift to the Carolina Victory Fund will receive additional bonuses.

  • 2 points per $100 of giving
  • New Giving Earns a Significant One-Time Bonus Award

  • A one-time point bonus will be awarded for your new unrestricted giving (Carolina Victory Fund and upgraded annual membership gifts):
    • 10 points for new giving of $100 or more
    • 25 points for new giving of $1,000 or more
    • 50 points for new giving of $5,000 or more
    • 100 points for new giving of $10,000 or more
    • 250 points for new giving of $25,000 or more

“Coaches take great satisfaction in a team playing together and being successful. Often that happens when everyone buys in to a common set of goals and works together to reach those goals. But a strong start is only part of the game; you have to play the full 40 minutes and play hard to the end.”

Roy Williams, Men's Basketball

Give to the Carolina Victory Fund to Ensure Carolina Victories

Carolina victories are made possible when teams come together toward common goals. Carolina is asking teammates like you to do all that you can this year to help achieve our goals at this critical moment for our Tar Heels. Your gifts will help preserve the nation’s best student-athlete experience to more than 800 Tar Heels!

"While we would all prefer to not face this adversity, I am grateful that we can do so with the most dedicated fans and investors in the country – Rams Club members like you. We have asked a lot of you recently, and we are humbly asking more of you now. Thank you for your loyalty and your generosity – and for being an inspiration to our student-athletes, our coaches, and me!"

John Montgomery, Rams Club Executive Director