Matching Gifts
Courtesy: UNC Athletic Communications
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Earn more membership points with a matching gift from your company.

Contact your employer’s human resources department to see if the employer matches your gifts. If so, your employer can provide the appropriate form for you to complete and send to The Rams Club with your gift. The Rams Club will process the paperwork, and the contribution can be applied towards your annual giving level.

If you submit your form electronically, please remember to send a copy of your confirmation to Emily Coble at emily@ramsclub.comThis will help ensure you receive proper point credit.

 Click here for a list of companies that honor matching gifts. 

Companies often implement new guidelines focusing on gifts to athletics for organizations like The Educational Foundation.  In order to comply with all company requests and process the matching gift forms for approval through the Vice-Chancellor for University Advancement at UNC, please note the following guidelines for submission of matching gift requests:

 In accordance with current tax law, if a donor’s gift allows them to receive the right to buy tickets to an athletic event in an athletic stadium of the college or university, 80% of the donor’s gift is considered to be a charitable contribution.  Matching gift companies are only allowed to match the charitable or tax-deductible portion of the donor’s gift.  The donor is then responsible for completing any unmatched portion.


Sample Chart for companies that match dollar-to-dollar (tax-deductible portion) up to the company's maximum:


Annual Level Donor Gift Matching Gift Total
Tar Heel $56 $44 $100
Ram $111 $89 $200
Rameses $278 $222 $500
Big Ram $556 $444 $1,000
Super Ram $1,389 $1,111 $2,500
Coaches Circle $2,778 $2,222 $5,000




Annual Level Donor Gift Matching Gift Total
Tar Heel $56 $44 $100
Ram $111 $89 $200
Rameses $337 $263 $600
Big Ram $668 $532 $1,200
Big Ram Plus $1,112 $888 $2,000
Super Ram $1,668 $1,332 $3,000
Coaches Circle $3,336 $2,664 $6,000
All-American $6,672 $5,328 $12,000
Champion $13,900 $11,100 $25,000


  • If you make several different gifts throughout the course of a year, matching gift companies now require a separate form for each donation.

  • When making your gift and completing the matching gift form, please indicate The Educational Foundation, Inc. as the recipient of your gift.

  • Many companies now have online filing for matching gift donations. When filing online, please follow the guidelines listed above and also submit a copy of your online request to The Educational Foundation via mail or email at in order for your gift to be credited properly.

  • If your company will not match athletics directly, your gift and matching gift form should indicate the University of North Carolina as the recipient of your gift.  Your gift and match are then placed in a University Program Support account whose funds are used for non-athletic purposes.  Your gift will be receipted as a gift to the University Program Support Fund - The Educational Foundation.

  • Many companies have a max amount they will match.  Most companies have a max match amount of $5,000 so please check with your HR department prior to requesting your matching gift.

  • Only a select group of companies match gifts to Capital Projects.  Please contact Margie Dubnansky to discuss any matches made to any Capital Project.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please feel free to contact Emily Coble in The Educational Foundation office at 919-843-2000 or email Emily at