VI. Detailed Policies

The Rams Club

The Equity Seating Plan is the seat selection process for season tickets at Kenan Stadium. Adopted by The Rams Club's Executive Board of Directors in 2010, the Equity Seating Plan operates on the following policies:

- The initial implementation of the Equity Seating Plan was for the 2011 season. A subsequent selection will occur in conjunction with the 2012 season. After 2012, selections will occur every three years (2015, 2018, and so on).

- Seats in the main bowl of Kenan Stadium that are designated as "Rams Club" seats are available for selection by active members of The Rams Club in applicable years of selection.

- Parking passes for those who qualify are available for selection in applicable years of selection. Parking is chosen at the same time as seats.

- Members may buy as many season tickets seats as desired, but their giving level will determine how many can be chosen on priority. Active members will fall into either Priority Group A or Priority Group B (detailed below). Priority Group A will choose first; Priority Group B will choose next.

- Priority Group A: Made up of members at the Rameses level and higher, sorted by rank. Tickets available for priority selection:

Endowed Scholarship ... 15 tickets

Champion ... up to 20 tickets

All-American ... up to 19 tickets

Coaches Circle ... up to 15 tickets

Super Ram ... up to 11 tickets

Big Ram Plus ... up to 7 tickets

Big Ram ... up to 5 tickets

Rameses ... up to 3 tickets

- Priority Group B: Made up of members at the Ram and Tar Heel giving levels, sorted by rank. Tickets available for priority selection:

Ram ... up to 4 tickets

Tar Heel ... up to 2 tickets

- Seats in premium seating areas (Blue Zone, North and South Koury Boxes, Pope Box) do not count against available priority ticket limitations.

- Members purchasing more tickets than their giving level allows on priority will have any "surplus" tickets assigned automatically after all other members have chosen. The location of these tickets will be assigned as close to the original selection as possible, and best available seat after that.

- The Rams Club made a one-time award of points for past season ticket purchases while a Rams Club member. The assignment of points for season ticket purchases will not carry forward. The award occurred as follows:

- If you have 1 to 15 years of season ticket purchases in football or basketball since 1993-94, you will receive 2 points for each academic year in which you made a purchase.

- If you have 16 or more years of purchases since 1993-94, you will receive a one-time bonus of 40 points.

- Membership rank as of April 15 in a given selection year will be used to determine selection appointment times. Members with football season ticket purchases made by April 15 of that year will be ranked based upon membership points as of that date.

- Members must ensure that their giving level is accurate as of April 15 for their selection intentions. Appointment times will be made based on the Priority Group in which a donor is slotted (based on giving level) and membership rank within that group.

- If two or more members wish to choose seats together to guarantee adjoining seats, they may do so based upon the priority of the member with the fewest membership points. For example, if a member with 450 points wants to choose seats and parking with a member who has 150 points, their selection appointment time will be based upon the member with 150 points.

- Members will not be able to choose a seat location that strands a single seat in a row. For example, if three consecutive seats remain in a row, a member choosing two seats will not be allowed to choose two of those three seats. This policy is in place to maximize capacity at Kenan Stadium, and to protect against unsellable seats.

- If a member reduces the number of season tickets purchased from the previous year in a year where there is no new selection process, and as a result strands a single seat, the staff of The Rams Club reserves the right to move that member's seat location to a comparable location that does not strand a single seat.

- The Rams Club reserves the right to move your selection one seat to the left or right to avoid stranding singles or odd numbers of seats in a row. This policy will not be used to move seats off of an aisle, or if it disturbs "stacked" seats (a block of seats back-to-back in two rows).

- A member who is more than 30 minutes late for his/her selection time will have his/her seats assigned automatically to protect priority. The selection criteria for the staff will be best available seats closest to the previous year's assignment.

- As under the previous policy, members must be at the Big Ram level or higher to qualify for a season parking pass.

- Qualifying members will receive the rights to choose one parking pass with a purchase of 1-5 tickets. A second pass will be made available with a season ticket purchase of 6 seats or more; a third pass will be made aavailable with a purchase of 10 seats or more.

- As with the surplus tickets policy, any surplus parking passes will be assigned automatically after other parking selections are made. For example, if a Big Ram (who qualifies for four seats on priority) purchases eight seats, four will be chosen on priority and four assigned automatically. The purchase of eight seats qualifies for two parking passes. One pass will be available for selection by the member; the second pass will be assigned automatically after all eligible members have chosen parking.

- In years where no selection process occurs (e.g., between 201 and 2018), members will maintain their seat assignments as long as their giving level does not decrease. In the years between selections, any change requests or additional ticket orders will be handled in priority rank order, and will utilize seats available at that time. If a member does decrease his giving level, the appropriate number of seats can be protected based on the new giving level, but other adjacent seats will be vacated, and made available for new assignment.


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