The following members serve on our Executive Board of Directors:



Terms for Chairs expire 6/30/2019.

Terms for Treasurer and Secretary expire 6/30/18.

Chair Todd Pope Chapel Hill, NC
Vice Chair Steve Vetter Greensboro, NC
Past Chair Lowry Caudill Durham, NC
Treasurer Milt Petty Burlington, NC
Secretary Tom Mann Raleigh, NC


At Large Members                                Term Exp.  Hometown

Frank Brenner 2018 Greensboro, NC
Stoney Sellars 2018 Charlotte, NC
Cathy Carter Morris 2019 Fuquay-Varina, NC
Ralph Teal 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC
Laura Scott 2020 Raleigh, NC
Henry Smith 2020 Farmville, NC
Keith Stoneman 2021 Charlotte, NC
Vanessa Wittman 2021 Palo Alto, CA
Chuck Duckett 2022 Winston-Salem, NC
Steve Lerner 2022 Chapel Hill, NC


Chancellor Representative 

David Routh  Vice Chancellor for Development


Investment Committee                   Term Exp.      Hometown

Allen Wilson 2018 Durham, NC
Ken Williams 2019 Burlington, NC
Chris Smith 2020 Chapel Hill, NC
Don Williams 2021 Charlotte, NC
Munroe Cobey 2021 Chapel Hill, NC


Ex-Officio Members 

Bubba Cunningham Director of Athletics
Lissa Broome Faculty Athletics Representative
Bill Bunch Outside Legal Counsel
Paul Friga Strategy Consultant