IV. Online Process

The Rams Club

Choose Your Seats Online, by Phone or In Person.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Choose Your Seats & Parking

Members have the opportunity to select their seats and parking in one of three ways: online at the user-friendly website www.kenanseats.com, in person at Kenan Stadium or by phone with a Rams Club representative. Members are encouraged to visit www.kenanseats.com to become familiar with the selection process, and to track seat and parking selections leading up to their appointment time. Here are some quick and easy steps to making your choices online (keep this information handy for your selections):

1. Go to www.kenanseats.com. This site does not require any software download - just an Internet connection. It does require Flash (available on most computers, but not on iPads or some mobile devices) to operate properly.

2. Login using your unique Customer Number and PIN. This information is provided in the letter that accompanied this brochure. You will be directed to the "My Account" page after logging in.

3. Watch the instructional video explaining the website and the selection process. This video will show you the ease with which you can monitor the seat selection process, and make your selection at your appointed time.

4. Read the guidelines carefully. Knowing how the system works will help make your selection easier.

5. Your "Cart for Seats & Parking" appears at the bottom of your "My Account" screen, and will appear on subsequent pages. The cart will not be fully accurate until after the April 15 deadline to order tickets and establish your membership rank. For illustrative purposes, everyone's cart shows four tickets, one parking pass and an appointment time of May 4 at 9:00 a.m. (the first appointment in this overall process). This information will be updated to reflect your cart and appointment after April 15.

6. When you are ready to view an interactive map of the stadium, click the link under Step 2.

7. From the interactive map, you can click on a level of seating to narrow the map's presentation. You can also click on a specific section to go to a detailed map of that section. If you hold your cursor over a section, information on that section will appear in the Information Box.  The map used to select parking can be found by clicking the "PARKING" link at the top of the interactive map screen. From the parking map, you can see available parking lots on the 3D map of the UNC campus. If you hold your cursor over a parking lot, the name of that lot, available spaces remaining in that lot and a lot description (deck or open-air) will appear in the Information Box.

8. The section detail shows you all seats in a section. Green dots represent available seats. Red dots represent seats that have been selected by other members.

9. You can see panoramic seat views by clicking on the camera icon in a specific section detail. You can see adjoining sections by clicking on the "Go To" buttons at the top of the section image. You can return to the overhead view of the stadium by clicking on the "RETURN TO OVERHEAD VIEW" link at the bottom of the section image.Your Cart for Seats & Parking appears at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, your appointment time appears as well. When your appointment time begins, you will be prompted to begin selecting seats and parking. You can choose your seats by clicking on any green-dot seat in the regular bowl. When you click on a seat, it will appear in your cart, and the seat dot will turn blue. If you change your mind and want to choose different seats, you can unclick the seat dot, or click the red "X" next to the assignment in your cart.

11. Once your Cart is full, click "Submit Selection" above the Information Box. This will prompt you through a couple of confirmation screens. You will have an opportunity to print out your seat selections at this time for your personal records. If you are eligible to choose parking, please note that you cannot finalize your selections until you have completely filled your Cart. Steps for choosing parking are found in Step 7.

12. After submitting your selections, you are all done! Congratulations!

 Members are encouraged to become familiar with this website and its functions. Online selections will be the fastest way to choose your seats. Remember that other members are logging in every two minutes (depending on the time of day) during the selection process. You will have an opportunity to choose your seats in person at Kenan Stadium or via phone as well.



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