The Scholarship Endowment Trust
Courtesy: The Rams Club
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The Scholarship Endowment Trust is the foundation of Carolina’s athletic scholarship program. The trust pays an approximate annual yield of 5% toward scholarship expenses and is built through gifts of endowed scholarships and investment performance returns.

The cost of education for the more than 450+ scholarship student-athletes is over $15 million.  Increasing the trust through endowed scholarships is a primary goal of The Rams Club.

Your Payment at the Scholarship Level and Season Ticket Benefits

The $500,000 Scholarship level is payable over five years, with a minimum donation of $50,000 annually.  The right to purchase season tickets for men's basketball and/or football is a benefit of endowing a scholarship at the $500,000 level.  Upon completion of the endowment, donors must make an annual Coach Circle contribution to maintain benefits.  Scholarship benefits are in place for 20 years.  At the end of this term, donors will have the first right of refusal to enter into another endowment commitment under the then current endowment guideline.

Donors may endow a scholarship in the amount of $250,000, also payable over five years (with a minimum of $25,000 annually); should the donor choose to activate the ticket benefits associated with this scholarship, an annual Super Ram contribution is required to maintain benefits.  If the donor declines the benefits, no annual contribution is required.

For questions or more information on The Scholarship Endowment Trust, contact Sue Walsh at 919.843.6413 or