The following members serve on our Executive Board of Directors:

Officers (Two Year Terms Beginning 7/1/2012)

Chair Dwight Stone Greensboro, NC 
Vice Chair Lowry Caudill Durham, NC
Past Chair Marvin Carver Durham, NC
Treasurer Milt Petty Burlington, NC
Secretary Jay Klompmaker Chapel Hill, NC 


At Large Members Term Exp. Hometown
William Fuller 2014 Virginia Beach, VA
Ann B. Petersen 2014  Chapel Hill, NC 
Don Holzworth 2015  Durham, NC 
Greg Sanchez 2015 Cary, NC 
Don Curtis 2016 Raleigh, NC 
Laura Edwards 2016 Chapel Hill, NC 
Todd Pope 2017 Chapel Hill, NC
Steve Vetter 2017 Greensboro, NC
Frank Brenner 2018 Greensboro, NC
Stoney Sellars 2018 Charlotte, NC
Bubba Cunningham (Ex Officio)   Chapel Hill, NC 
Lissa Broome (Ex Officio)    Chapel Hill, NC 

Investment Committee Term Exp. Hometown
Bob Eubanks, Chairman 2014 Chapel Hill, NC
Brad Burris 2016 High Point, NC
Tom Chewning 2016 Richmond, VA
Munroe Cobey 2016 Chapel Hill, NC
Allen Wilson 2018 Durham, NC

Outside Legal Counsel
Bill Bunch