Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan

The Equity Seating Plan for Kenan Stadium puts the decision on where you want to sit and park in your hands. For the 2015 season, Rams Club members will once again have the opportunity to personally select their own seats and parking based upon their membership priority as of April 15 - with assignments staying in place for the next three seasons.

The initial implementation of the Equity Seating Plan in 2011 represented a significant change for many members - and provided the opportunity for those members to choose seats and parking reflective of their membership rank. The selection process occurs again in 2015, allowing members to adjust their selections with one year's experience under the new system and a reflection of their current membership rank. After 2015, the selection process will not occur again until 2018, and every three years thereafter (2021, 2024, and so on).

Rams Club members are encouraged to plan accordingly for the three-year implementation cycle. Seat and parking selections will remain the same for the next three seasons (assuming your giving level does not decrease and you maintain your season ticket order). Please ensure your best opportunity by confirming your giving level and adjusting to your desired membership rank by April 15.

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The Plan


I. Guiding Principles

II. Primary Features

III. Preparation

IV. Online Process

V. Model Cases

VI. Detailed Policies