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The New Kenan Master Plan

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill boasts a campus that is at once historic and vibrant. Located at the heart of that campus is a true landmark - beautiful Kenan Stadium. Kenan Stadium has served the University community for more than 80 years, providing a venue for Carolina Football, graduation ceremonies, concerts, high school championships, and much more. It has been a destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who come to gather amidst the trees of Kenan Woods.

Since its construction in 1927, Kenan Stadium has been modified several times to meet the changing needs of the University and its fans. A significant, multi-phase renovation of the stadium is currently underway. Detailed analysis, thorough discussion and comprehensive planning have resulted in a Master Plan to make Kenan Stadium the best on-campus stadium in the country, and to preserve its beautiful setting on the Chapel Hill campus.

The Master Plan for the renovation of Kenan Stadium was shaped by six guiding principles:

  • Keep Kenan Stadium a modern facility.
  • Integrate Kenan Stadium with the overall look and feel of the campus.
  • Enhance the fan experience.
  • Provide a new Student-Athlete Academic Center.
  • Provide Carolina Football with facilities needed for success.
  • Generate revenue to ensure the future of Carolina's broad-based athletics program.

The comprehensive Master Plan for Kenan Stadium calls for a complete renovation of the stadium in multiple phases. The phases are as follows:

  • Phase I - West End Zone ... This phase was completed in August 2009. The renovation included a fifth floor addition (recruiting and media space) along with remodeling of existing offices and team spaces in the Kenan Football Center.
  • Phase II - East End Zone ... The campaign for this phase is currently underway. The phase consisted of the construction of the Loudermilk Center for Excellence and The Blue Zone.
  • Future Phases - North & South Sides ... These phases will be analyzed at future dates as costs are determined and funding opportunities are available. Currently, there is no specific timeline for these phases.

The overall Master Plan calls for a finished product that includes renovations or new construction for:

  • Renovation and addition to the Kenan Football Center
  • 360-degree stadium exterior architecture for campus integration
  • Renovation of existing stadium infrastructure
  • New Student-Athlete Academic Center
  • Premium Seating - Suites & Club Seats
  • East End Zone enclosure
  • Landscaping & reforestation of the Kenan Woods
  • New and improved restrooms
  • Improved and more efficient concessions
  • Wider and more convenient concourses
  • Easier entry & exit

Carolina Athletics provides an important means of bringing people to Chapel Hill - offering opportunities for Carolina faithful to grow their relationship with the University, the state and the town. The events that bring thousands to Kenan Stadium annually showcase the University and campus, and make Kenan Stadium an invaluable resource for building important University relationships. Continue that relationship today ... and be a part of the new Kenan Stadium!

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