Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan

The Rams Club

Rams Club members believe in providing opportunities to Carolina student-athletes – and in return, Rams Club members have the chance to come to Chapel Hill to cheer their Tar Heels from the best seats at Kenan Stadium.

The Equity Seating Plan will once again be used in 2018 – giving members the opportunity to personally select season ticket locations (and parking when applicable) based on your generosity and longevity as a Rams Club member. The addition of two new initiatives in 2018 also bring with it the need for new seat selections:

  • new chairback seating throughout all fan sections of Kenan Stadium, bringing a more comfortable fan experience for all
  • new zone pricing by section, introducing a variety of season ticket prices based on seat location  


The Equity Seating Plan was first implemented in 2011 to give Rams Club members the ability to most fairly choose their own seat locations in Kenan Stadium. By basing seat selections (and parking when applicable) on membership rank, members have access to seats in line with their years of membership and giving in support of Tar Heel student-athletes. The Equity Seating Plan stands upon three guiding principles to recognize the support of Rams Club members: 

  1. The seat and parking selection process will be fair. You offer your support as fans and as Rams Club members. To recognize that generous level of support, Carolina Athletics strives to make the process as fair as possible – making seats (and parking when applicable) available for selection based on a system that ranks members in the fairest way possible.
  2. Members will be recognized for loyalty and giving. Carolina enjoys the support of some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in college athletics. The Priority Point System used by The Rams Club to determine priority in seat selections rewards points for loyalty and giving. Click here for details on the Priority Point System. {click through to that article page}
  3. Selections are put in the members’ hands. The Equity Seating Plan puts the decision on seat location (and parking when applicable) in your hands through an online site (you can also call or visit in person at your selection time).


The Equity Seating Plan operates on three primary features:

  1. Seat and parking selection times are based on membership rank. Seat selection (and parking when applicable) will occur based upon a member’s membership rank as determined by the Priority Point System. On April 30, all active members of The Rams Club with a season ticket deposit will be ranked by membership points. That ranking will determine the selection priority order for seat and parking selection. Selections begin on May 22 and will run through the end of June.
  2. The number of seats and parking you can select on priority are determined by your giving level. Active members of The Rams Club with a season ticket deposit made by April 30 will select their own seat and parking locations in rank order within two priority groups – Priority Group A and Priority Group B. Donors within each group will be sorted by rank and given an appointment time that corresponds with that rank. All of Priority Group A will choose before Priority Group B; Priority Group B will choose before the public seats are assigned. The two groups and their corresponding ticket allowances:

Priority Group A – Made up of members at the Rameses level and higher, sorted by rank. A member’s giving level allows them to choose tickets “on priority” in the following increments:

  • Endowed Scholarship – up to 20 tickets
  • Champion – up to 20 tickets
  • All-American – up to 16 tickets
  • Coaches Circle – up to 15 tickets
  • Super Ram – up to 11 tickets
  • Big Ram Plus – up to 7 tickets
  • Big Ram – up to 5 tickets
  • Rameses – up to 3 tickets

Priority Group B – Made up of members at the Ram and Tar Heel giving levels, sorted by rank. A member’s giving level allows them to choose tickets “on priority” in the following increments:

  • Ram – up to 5 tickets
  • Tar Heel – up to 3 tickets

“Surplus” Tickets – Members who have ticket orders greater than their giving levels allows will have their “Surplus” tickets assigned after Priority Groups A and B, but ahead of the general public. For example, a Big Ram who wants 8 tickets may order 8 tickets but will have 5 available for selection in Priority Group A and 3 for assignment in the “Surplus” group. If that Big Ram was a Super Ram, all 8 tickets would be available for selection in Priority Group A.

3. Selections will lock in your location for the next three seasons. The 2018 selection process comes three years after the last selection in 2015. Future selections are scheduled for every three years (2021, 2024, and so on). In seasons with no selection process scheduled (e.g., 2019 and 2020), members may maintain their seat and parking location if their giving level does not decrease.


Special Notes regarding Seat Selections:

  • Priority Groups A and B will be able to personally select their seat location.
  • “Surplus” tickets will be assigned automatically on a best-available basis closest to the seat assignments of the priority tickets.
  • Premium seats (Pope Box, Koury Boxes and the Blue Zone) do not count toward priority limits on season tickets.
  • Seats in premium seating areas (Pope Box, Koury Boxes and the Blue Zone) or seats and parking assigned under previously written contractual agreement are not subject to the reselection process.
  • Under current Rams Club policy, a member must be active at the Big Ram level or higher and have a season ticket purchase to qualify for parking selection.
  • Members at the qualified giving levels will receive one parking pass with their season ticket order. A second parking pass will be provided if the season ticket order is for 6 tickets or more. A third pass is included for orders of 10 or more. The same “Surplus” rules will apply for parking passes (priority passes will correspond with ticket priorities).
  • If two or more members want to select seats together, they must inform The Rams Club in advance by April 30. The selection priority for all members involved in the group will be based upon the lowest rank of the members involved.



A few steps will help you get ready for the selection process: 

  1. Align your giving level with your desired number of tickets and parking passes. Your giving level determines how many tickets and parking passes you can choose based on priority. Your giving level should match up with your ticket order by the priority deadline of April 30. Reminder: parking selections are available to all members with a ticket order at the Big Ram level and higher.
  2. Monitor your rank at Your membership rank as of April 30 determines your selection time. Members can monitor their rank by logging in to their membership account here
  3. Season ticket purchasers can choose their seats and parking in a variety of ways. Members will have the opportunity to select their seats and parking through an online selection site (available in early May), by calling a special selection center at Kenan Stadium (opens when selections start), by visiting the selection center in Kenan Stadium to choose seats and parking, or by submitting a proxy for another person to choose on their behalf. 

The Rams Club will send a notice by May 7 to all active members who have a ticket orders. In this notice, members will learn their selection appointment time and their login ID and password for the online selection site. Selection appointments begin on May 22 and will occur every couple of minutes during the process. Selections generally take just a few minutes once logged in.

 Nearly 7,000 of The Rams Club’s 15,000 members purchase season tickets in Kenan Stadium. To give you an idea of what to expect, the chart below details how many tickets in 2017 were sold to members at various priority ranks. As expected, while your membership rank may be high relative to other members, more tickets are sold to members at the highest ranks in The Rams Club. Please note that selections are unpredictable; estimating what seats will be available at your appointment time is purely guesswork. 



  1. Why are The Rams Club and Carolina Athletics reseating Kenan Stadium again? The reasons for change are straightforward – to most fairly allocate seats and parking for Carolina Football while recognizing loyalty and giving. By utilizing the Priority Point System – which rewards Rams Club members for years of membership and lifetime giving – The Rams Club can equitably allocate seating and parking based on loyalty and participation. Additionally, the financial challenges facing Carolina Athletics are significant. The plan rewards donors who step up to meet those challenges with new and creative giving.
  2. Will I be able to retain my old seat location? To most fairly allocate seating assignments, no members are guaranteed that they will be able to retain their old seat location. With the addition of individual chair seating throughout Kenan Stadium, every seat will be new in 2018; fans should expect change in their seating location with the reduced capacity.
  3. How do I know where I will sit in 2018? Members will choose their own seats as part of the selection process in May–June. The Rams Club cannot predict the rank level needed for a given seat location, as member preferences will play a huge role in determining which seats are chosen first.
  4. How will I choose my seats for the 2018 season? Online selection of seats for the 2018 season will be available at Additionally, members who choose to not select online will have an opportunity to visit campus to choose their seats, submit a request in writing, or call the selection center at their appointed time.
  5. When will I know my appointment time? Members with a season ticket deposit will be notified of their appointment time by May 7. The first appointment will be on May 22, and selections will run through most of June.
  6. What happens if I want my season tickets aligned with a group of friends? Members can “group” their season tickets with other friends in The Rams Club. If you want to choose your seats at the same time as your friends to guarantee that you will be next to one another, your appointment times will be based upon the member with the lowest rank in your group. For example, a group of members with rankings of #542, #1095 and #1568 will choose at the slot for #1568.
  7. How often will I have to move my seats? With the 2018 selection, you are locking in your seat and parking location for the next three seasons as long your giving level does not decrease. The next selection process is scheduled before the 2021 season.
  8. What do I do if I want to order more tickets than my giving level allows? Members may order as many season tickets as they want but will only be allowed to choose on priority the number of tickets their giving level allows (the corresponding list is included in this publication). Any tickets ordered more than your priority limit will be assigned after Priority Groups A and B have made selections.



Each member with season tickets is affected in some way by the Equity Seating Plan. Each donor’s case will be unique, however. Included below are a few case examples that may address your situation: 

  1. Todd is a Big Ram donor ranked #440. He currently has 4 seats in the main bowl and a parking pass (because of his Big Ram level). Todd will receive an appointment slot that allows him to choose both items in the 440th position. 
  2. Todd from Example 1 estimates that he will not get the seats he desires but thinks he could get the seats he wants if he had 30 more points (thus possibly improving his rank). Todd can make a gift of $3,000 by the priority point deadline of April 30 to get those 30 points. His gift does not guarantee his rank or seats but will likely improve his standing. 
  3. Vanessa is a Rameses donor who has bought 2 seats in the past but wants 4 seats in 2018. Vanessa must be a Big Ram donor to choose 4 seats together in this plan. She will need to increase her giving level to Big Ram by the priority deadline of April 30. If she does not and remains a Rameses level donor, she will have the chance to choose up to 3 of her seats on priority in Priority Group A, and have any remaining seats assigned in the “Surplus” tickets group (thereby having two separate locations). 
  4. Steve is a new donor who wants 2 seats in Kenan Stadium, and joins at the Rameses level. He wants to know where they might be located. He will be able to choose seats in line with other members with 9 points (6 points for his $600 gift and 3 points for a year of membership) in Priority Group A. The location cannot be predicted until other, higher-ranked selections have occurred. 
  5. Laura is a Coaches Circle donor who currently has 8 seats in the Pope Box and 10 seats in the main bowl. This plan allows Coaches Circle donors to have up to 15 tickets on priority. Will Laura have to give up any of the 18 seats? No. Laura’s seats in the Pope Box are considered premium seats, and do not apply to the limit to purchase up to 15 seats on priority. She will choose the location of the 10 seats in the main bowl based upon membership rank within Priority Group A. 
  6. Frank has 4 seats in the Pope Box. Will his seats within the Pope Box be reassigned within the Pope Box? No. The Pope Box seats are premium seats and are not subject to re-selection. 
  7. Henry is ranked #902. Her friends with whom she currently has neighboring seats are ranked #1210 and #1496. They want to choose their seats together and have notified The Rams Club of this intention. Each member in the group must be in the same Priority Group and will choose based on the lowest-ranked member – in this case #1496. Their appointment times will be simultaneous. 
  8. Tom has been attending games at Kenan Stadium with his parents for many years. He wants to maintain seats in the same area as his parents. Can he inherit his parents’ priority? Rams Club policy has always been that points and ticket rights in Kenan Stadium are not inheritable. To maintain similar priority as his parents, Tom will need to make gifts to build his points to a level consistent with his parents’ rank. 
Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan
Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan